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jay thurber show at gmail dot com

U.S. Mail:
WRCT Pittsburgh
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Ave.,
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Request Line:
Off Campus: 412-621-WRCT (or “MAyflower 1-WRCT”)

On Campus: x8-WRCT (or “01 from the Morewood Gardens house phone”)

7 Responses to Contact Me

  1. Jack Horgan says:

    thanks for putting on another great show. I appreciate your references to Uncle Dougie. I am a local outside sales rep who, while in a car all day, knew work was over at three pm each day ’cause Doug came on and said so. When Doug was let go and then died I felt like I lost a family member. I think I heard Doug say that his favorite doo-wop was “I wonder why” by Dion and the Belmonts, 1956. My high school friends and I would walk the streets of the neighborhood singing easy songs like Silhouettes and Have You Heard.
    I grew up on Troy Hill on the North Side, am now 61, listened to WAMO, Sir Walter, Porky, dances at all the Catholic HIgh schools on the north end of town, West View Danceland with Mad Mike…
    Keep playing those old obscure hits from r&b. Thanks for playing some Etta James.
    Keep up the old radio patter.
    Jack Horgan

  2. Tim says:

    Jay Thurber,
    Week after week after week I look forward to your Saturday show! The tunes are always great & the punchlines are never late! Keep up the superb showmanship!

  3. janet says:


    so happy to hear everly brothers today! how about “crying in the rain”
    really enjoy your show on Saturdays.
    love the amc vehicle on you web site. was that a gremlin?

  4. Roger smith says:

    Do you have CDs of your shows for purchase?

  5. Rob Webb says:

    That wasn’t John Candy butchering that song, it was John Candy as Divine butchering it.

  6. Denny says:

    What is the name of the J Kidd and pirates song you played 11-13-21

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