The Feb. 20 show is only online

The Saturday, Feb. 20 show is only on Internet radio, and if I do say so myself, it’s three hours of smokin’ radio.

(Our flagship station, WRCT 88.3 FM, is doing “Massive Music Weekend,” and you should totally check that out, too.)

And hey! Please check out WMCK.FM when Jay Thurber isn’t on, because it’s a lot of great, new alternative and independent rock, soul, R&B and pop.

There are plenty of ways to listen right here …

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Pre-empted Nov. 7 on WRCT, re-run on WMCK.FM

We’re preempted on Nov. 7 on WRCT (88.3) due to Carnegie Mellon football, which obviously we hope you’ll listen to!

If you’re not interested in football, we have a re-run of a December 2009 episode of “Radio 9” on Internet radio station WMCK.FM.

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A tribute to a great statesman

And now, our tribute to one of Pennsyltucky’s great statesmen, the pride of Butler County, Pa., as originally heard Sept. 26, 2015 on “Radio 9.”

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Capsule Movie Review: “Shaun the Sheep Movie”

Despite not having children, we went to see the “Shaun the Sheep​ Movie.” We were looking for something lighthearted and silly. Continue reading

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Capsule Movie Review: “Trainwreck”

We saw “Trainwreck” last night. Continue reading

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Pittsburgh Symphony ticket winners

Thank you to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra for giving WRCT two pairs of tickets to see Randy Newman with the PSO on July 30.

Winner of the first pair of tickets, given away on “Radio 9” on Saturday, July 18, was Yolanda from Mt. Washington.

Winner of the second pair of tickets, given away by Kenny Joe on “Pinckney Hall” on Friday, July 24, was Scott from Highland Park.

Thanks for listening to WRCT!

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Jeb! He’s a complicated man

I was so inspired by Jeb Bush’s new campaign logo that I wrote a song for him.

(There’s no need to thank me, governor.)

Who is the man who will cut aid for mothers with dependent children?
(JEB!) You’re damn right.
Who’s the cat who won’t cop out, when there’s ISIS all about?
(JEB!) Right on!
He’s a complicated man, and no one understands but David Brooks.
(JEB!) Jeb Bush.
They say that cat Jeb! was a bad f–kin’ governor …
(Shut your mouth!)
But I’m talkin’ about Jeb!
(Then we can dig it!)

Also, I’ve created my own new logo:


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The dorkiest photo on the Internet

Thank you to Kennywood Park for hosting our live remote! We had a great time and enjoyed talking to folks from Kennywood and from Carnegie Mellon University, which was holding its employee and faculty picnic.

However, this might be the dorkiest photo you ever see on the Internet:

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The Dane Remsey Show

Syndicated talk show host Dane Remsey has some financial advice for someone who wants to change careers.

As originally aired May 30, 2015 on “Radio 9 with Jay Thurber” ( Celebrity voice impersonated badly. Opinions expressed are not those of WRCT Radio Inc.

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What do I say at the end of the show?

Somebody asked me about the litany of things I say at the end of the show.

For the record, here’s what I say, and where I got it from:

“It’s nice to be important, but it’s a whole lot more important to be nice.[1] You can lead a horse to water, but nothing smells worse than a wet horse.[2] A bird in the hand makes one hell of a mess.[3] No matter where you go, there you’ll be.[4] Don’t sweat the petty things, and don’t pet the sweaty things.[5]”

  1. Zeke Jackson, WARO/WWCS radio, Canonsburg
  2. Unknown, but Google suggests I heard it on “Hee Haw” (!!!)
  3. Unknown
  4. Larry Richert, KDKA radio, who apparently got it from “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension!”
  5. Tom Snyder, “The Late, Late Show”

The music I play is “Bring Me Sunshine,” sung by Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise, two British comedians who used it for many years to close out their TV shows.

(And, also for the record, the theme at the beginning of the show is called “Studio 69” by Alan Hawkshaw, and was the theme song of Irish comedian Dave Allen.)

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